Cancer, like all illnesses, has a spiritual aspect whose purpose is to help us change our understanding of this illness which is causing so much devastation.

I have carried out active research on this subject and am now convinced that the ever-increasing incidence of this disease despite scientific research and improved recovery rates is not a matter of mere chance.

This illness has reached what we could call epidemic proportions in all the developed, or relatively developed, countries. Why? Because the coming of the Age of Aquarius, which we entered about fifty years ago, is calling us to orient ourselves toward true love rather than letting ourselves be guided by our fears. CANCER IS NOTHING BUT AN ILLNESS OF WOUNDED LOVE. But why then do certain people who lacked love and do not know how to truly love themselves never get cancer?

The main topic of my latest book is cancer and its deeper cause. On the basis of my observations and my encounters with thousands of individuals who have had to deal with cancer, I have come to the following conclusion: those who completely deny suffering from lack of love are the most vulnerable to this illness and it is their wound of rejection that prevents them from admitting this lack of love.

Each time you deny that something or someone is bothering or hurting you, it’s because you are deeply experiencing your wound of rejection. You make yourself believe that a situation or a person is not bothering you. You speak about problems in your childhood, injustice on the part of your parents and even their cruelty toward you without emotion. You believe that seeing only the bright side of things makes you an optimistic person. You believe that you came through it pretty well after all and that you are all the stronger for it. People with cancer have an extraordinary ability to suppress everything, keeping it inside, even distorting reality.

It’s important to know that the wound of rejection is activated from the moment we are born by a situation experienced with the parent of the same sex. It’s the most painful of the five wounds. This wound, repressed for so long, eats away at a person from within and takes up more and more space to the point where it becomes repressed hatred toward the parent of the same sex. All individuals from whom one experiences rejection thereafter are but a reflection of what was experienced with the parent of the same sex. Every time we reject ourselves, we treat ourselves as having no value; it intensifies the grudge which then turns into hatred.

You will find all the details about this wound in my book Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self and in my latest book, Cancer – a Book of Hope. Cancer therefore manifests itself in individuals who can no longer deny or repress their lack of love. I would remind you that all illness is only the physical manifestation of everything going on in us on the psychological level. Moreover, cancer is characterized by cells that endlessly reproduce themselves instead of stopping when they should (a loss of control). Thus they devour the neighboring healthy cells.

Many people are affected by this illness because it has become urgent for them and for all of us to learn to love ourselves as we are instead of rejecting or wanting to change ourselves, the way we wanted to change our parent of the same sex. Cancer is therefore a spiritual message. It is the soul crying HELP because it needs love. The inner GOD of a person who has turned a deaf ear to this cry since their earliest childhood is finally attracting that person’s attention through a more serious illness, even a fatal one, since this GOD wishes only for their happiness.

The more the wound of rejection is allowed to grow, the more we live in fear and denial. If you have a cancer, begin by taking the necessary steps to feel the inner pain you have been experiencing for such a long time because of this wound of rejection and lack of love. You must dare to admit that you had a lot of resentment against your parent of the same sex and that you resent yourself for being like them, even though you do your best to be the opposite. It’s your ego making you believe that you are not like that parent.

Next, you will need to acknowledge that expressions of rejection are only expressions of limits. Let us take the example of a mother who gives her child up for adoption at birth. Is she saying she does not love this child? No. She is simply expressing her limits. She does not think she is capable of looking after this child due to the situation in which she finds herself at the time of the child’s birth.

When you do not want to be like your parent of the same sex, you reject them. Is it because you do not love them? On the contrary, you wanted so much to feel loved by that parent that you prefer to reject them rather than continue to be disappointed at not being loved according to your expectations. You are, quite simply, thinking of your survival. It does not make you a malicious person. Similarly, those who seem to reject you are not thereby being malicious either.

To heal your wound, you must truly forgive yourself. I have dealt with this topic in several articles, books and workshops. It is only through reconciliation with your parent of the same sex (in the case of cancer) and self-forgiveness that you can heal it. If you twin this inner spiritual work with physical treatment, you will have cause for great hope.