I was a sixteen-year-old high school girl at the beginning of my Jesus journey. She was an elderly woman at the end of her life, dying in a hospital bed. Her name was Mary, but we called her Diddy.

I had barely known her until she and her husband, Jack, moved from California to Missouri so our family could enjoy and care for these two elderly people. Aunt Diddy and Uncle Jack had been like parents to my father when he was in his early adulthood.

Her health was failing so I was only able to spend a short time getting to know her. But the connection was instant and we loved each other dearly and immediately. She was crusty, a smoker, and had a raspy voice. But she was funny too. We did stuff together. Mostly though, we stayed near her home and simply talked since she required constant oxygen and her energy level was often low.

She had lived a worldly life and I was pretty sure she didn’t know Jesus. So on this particular day, as I sat in the hospital room holding her hand, the one thing I wanted was for Aunt Diddy to know Jesus.

“Aunt Diddy, would you like to see Jesus in heaven?”

“Yes,” she said laboriously.

The room was quiet. The only sound came from a machine helping her breathe. We prayed. And then the impossible happened. Jesus came and took residence in Aunt Diddy’s heart.

I wish I could recall the exact words we prayed. I’m sure they were simple. But in this quiet, sacred space, my aunt asked Jesus to be her Savior. In that moment, Jesus came. I felt his presence and she experienced his promise. Heaven and earth collided in that hospital room.

Not long after that, my Aunt Diddy was in the forever presence of Jesus. It was not the result of anything she did in her lifetime. It was because Aunt Diddy asked and Jesus did the impossible. He saved her.

Regardless if you are just starting this journey with Jesus or you have known him for a very long time, you can be assured of this one thing: Jesus is a Savior and a Friend who wants to do the impossible in your life.

While an entire world was passing by a quiet hospital room, Jesus welcomed a dying woman who wanted to be loved eternally by a Savior. To me, this is what a wild and wonderful life looks like — when Jesus makes the impossible possible.

Original article published on the More Than You Imagine Ministries website.