Goodbye 2021, hello 2022! It’s hard for me to articulate my feelings about 2021 because, well, it is just really all over the place. On the heels of 2020 which doesn’t even require an explanation, 2021 was better in many ways, though it still was a challenging year at times. Despite the challenges, there was a lot of good along the way.


While I hope for a fantabulous, wonderful, and memorable 2022, I enter it knowing that like every year before it, there will be ups and downs. Looking for inspiration where I can find it is great for being able to roll with the punches   and making the new year the best year possible – for myself and for others.  Inspiration can also just make life more fun, too. Who doesn’t want more of that, right? “Inspiration” – that’s my focus word for the new year ahead!


Challenging oneself to be creative in navigating the inevitable bumps and curves on this journey of life, and bringing forth creativity in areas where it is really needed sometimes require a boost of inspiration, and it may be found at times in the most unexpected places. Using every day, ordinary examples, I think back to some of my favorite decorating projects, spur-of-the-moment or planned gatherings, and other random happenings and how all it took was one tiny thing, word, color, or place to really inspire me into taking action of some sort that led to a something awesome.  Like seeing a cute kitty ornament on a Christmas tree in a shop window on an out-of-town adventure that led me to create my 2021 Christmas “masterpiece” tree which brought happiness and joy to my 2021 holiday season – not only for me, but for at least one friend going through a hard time who saw it and whose spirit was really uplifted during a challenging season of life.  Or virtually visiting a friend who was alone for the holidays, but who left me with a great idea for later which I fully intend to pursue, and who reminded me through her expressions and gestures coming across my computer screen that I can simultaneously be inspired AND inspire others through my words and actions. True, these are not earth-shattering examples of life-changing awesomeness, though they are small examples of inspiration in action and of how we never know how we might inspire and impact others, on a more basic level or perhaps even profoundly.  I hope to find inspiration this year not only for myself in several areas of daily life, but to be an inspiration for others. To help make the world a better place and make the bumpy paths a little easier to navigate when they come during this new year.


What inspires YOU? It may be a multitude of things and that it might change from one season to the next. Or maybe one month to the next. Or even day to day. Maybe you have an idea of what some of those things might be, though time will tell as we begin this journey of the year 2022.   I am ready! Are you?


For 2022, Unconditionally Her has planned amazing content, just for our readers! We hope it provides inspiration, big and small. Maybe it will be one of the fabulously creative “sip of the month” recipes that inspires you to spend time in the kitchen or to plan a festive gathering with friends. Maybe it will be one of our special interest articles from contributors who can be entertaining or educational, serious or light-hearted, simple or dramatic, but touch something within that inspires you to do your “next big thing” – or even your “next small thing” that enriches your lives and that of others. Or maybe it will be one of the regularly featured Untold stories of everyday people, that demonstrates hope, perseverance, and which provides inspiration, sometimes through the sharing of extraordinary circumstances and profound experiences. And while you may find yourself inspired at times throughout this new year in whatever areas and ways you need to be inspired, maybe you are also inspiring others in some way – and what an honor that is.


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!