It’s National Yoga Month!  Are you someone who has always thought about trying yoga but still haven’t made it around to actually trying it?    Why not make it a goal to try it this month as part of National Yoga Month?

The National Institutes of Health has some great information on yoga.  Origins of yoga, benefits, side effects, risks, and MORE – anything you want to know about Yoga, you will find it here.   Even what to do if you want to become a yoga practitioner.

And what about that new craze, Goat Yoga?  Check out this video from Money magazine that shares more about this emerging way of doing the downward dog while hanging out with some of the cutest animals on the planet (or at least we think so, anyways!).

Finally, if you missed it last year, Unconditionally Her did a weekly series on yoga during “Yoga Month.”  Take a peek if you missed it – Week 1 The Basics, Week 2 Benefits of Yoga,  Week 3 Starting a Yoga Practice,  and Week 4 Top Online Resources and Inspirational Teachers.

Now get out there and give it a try to see what it’s all about! As with anything, you don’t know until you give it a try.  It may be your next healthful obsession – with our without the cute goats!


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