With the holidays quickly approaching with all the rich foods in tow, we at Unconditionally Her thought you might like a little reprieve from the planning of dressing, gravy and potatoes to enjoy a recipe for a light, fruity and colorful Kale Salad. Made famous by The Tavern on Music Row in Nashville, here’s a little spin on what you might enjoy seeing at your holiday festivities.


1 Batch of Kale (Many groceries have pre-chopped in a bag)
Currants (or blueberries/Craisins)
Good Parmesan Cheese (or you can use Feta, if desired)

Two Large Lemons
Light Tasting Olive Oil
Salt to taste

Take the almonds and on low toast them for about 1-2 minutes while you finely chop your kale.  Add your desired currants (also highly recommended is Blueberries and/or Craisins) and parm cheese.  Tossed the cooled almonds and toss all ingredients together.

For the Dressing:
Blend the juice of two lemons in with good Light Tasting Olive oil.  For a more lemony taste, feel free to also use ½ a spoonful of the lemon zest.  Add salt to taste and wisk thoroughly until blended.

Toss your kale mixture with you dressing and let sit for at least five minutes for all flavors to marry.  Toss with extra cheese, if desired.

Serve with your favorite holiday meal on the side.  Yummy!