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Letter From The Editor

Be Courageous, Be Strong

 Welcome to Unconditionally Her (Unconditionally Her) new readers, AND welcome back to those who have been with us for a while! Some of you may already know that fall is my favorite time of the year, and it is now officially upon us.   While it’s still somewhat warm in Nashville, I detect a little more coolness in the air and wait with anticipation for it to really FEEL like fall.  I’m ready for that change!

Speaking of change, you may have noticed our new look!  We are super-excited about our new format, new contributors, and new energy. Unconditionally Her will merge with an extensive new streaming component to compliment and connect our New Focus Network programs, expanding our reach in each medium. We now have over 120 contributors and our content is expanding to to better meet the needs of our audience and to move us towards our long-term vision.   Unconditionally Her will continue to be a lifestyle magazine, diving deeper into the issues and challenges of modern day living, while launching a refreshing wave of positive media empowered by the strategies from our existing and growing contributors.

Our theme this month is “Be Courageous, Be Strong.”    Fall is indeed a time of change.   And sometimes change requires courage and strength.   Unconditionally Her will be featuring UNTOLD, our new global movement, that shares incredible stories via print/photo/film and podcast, articulating how people have polished the roughest edges of adversity and transformed them into the gems- done with courage and strength.   And, of course we remain committed to providing great articles on health and wellness, career, family and relationships, food, DIY, and other lifestyle topics of interest to so many of our readers.

What’s in store for our readers this month?  Come back and see!  We will have some great autumn recipes, another feature story from Stuffed with Love – a project that will warm your heart year-round, words of wisdom from the wonderful teenage wonder woman Jessica Meyer, and Rhonda Hicks, lymphoma survivor and successful entrepreneur shares with readers how to take life “Step by Step.” We’ll have inspiring stories from UNTOLD and sooo much more.

Change is in the air and we are excited about all of the “NEW” with Unconditionally Her.  Come be a part of all of the excitement and find out what’s NEW.

Be Focused, Be Inspired – It’s a New Day!