Welcome to Unconditionally Her and the month of August!    It has been a month since we launched the new magazine format and wow, we have gotten some positive feedback! It is going to be a great month with so much in store for our readers.  Thank you all for the encouraging words and support as we launch into this new endeavor which is Unconditionally Her.


Look for food, faith, inspiration, a great book review, and more this month.   Did you know that National Sisters Day is this month?  It is!  Whether you have a biological sister, stepsister, adopted sister, sister-in-faith, work sister, or a friend-so-close-you-are-like-a-sister, find out more this month and celebrate the sisterhood. August also hosts Global Forgiveness Day and we could all use a dose of that.   It will soon be back to school time for many, either virtual or live classes, and we will get some great organization tips from our organizational expert, Sara Skillen to navigate this very busy time of the year.  Speaking of school, we have two articles this month from two university doctoral students (ahem- one of them happens to be yours truly, along with fellow student Nickie Detomasi, who you can read more about when the article publishes) about eating, good health, and with one of the articles, a focus on the pandemic’s effect on our waistlines.


Buckle up, it’s going to be a great ride this month! This is just a sampling of what to expect in August, as there is so much more.  Keep reading each month as we continue this exciting journey.  So much is in store and we look forward to sharing it with each of our readers!


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Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!