Welcome to Unconditionally Her and to the sometimes-unpredictable month of March.  The one thing that is certain about March, it can be unpredictable, at least with the weather. Living in the Nashville suburbs, it is always a guessing game as to what March is going to look like.  Last week, as we approached March, I got seven inches of snow at my house when usually we are accustomed to what Nashvillians affectionately describe as “a dusting.”   Snow certainly is not out of the picture yet in March, as we have seen it before in this part of the country, though it is unusual.  I intend to expect the unexpected and relish whatever March brings, and to greatly look forward to spring which is certainly coming soon.  I cannot wait to see all the pastels, flowers, and greenery sure to be aplenty everywhere, but will not wish away what will still be an amazing month of March. Until that wonderful spring weather arrives, I will continue sipping my green tea – perfect during the “green” month of March with St. Patrick’s Day upon us mid-month – and relishing all the good parts of winter that will soon be just memories.


As we start another month and get closer to spring, Unconditionally Her will be both predictable yet unpredictable- just like this crazy month of March!  We will have plenty of our great usual features this month including food (hint, hint, a great beverage and soup is on the way), good health, inspiration and motivation, several amazing Untold feature stories and maybe a few unexpected surprises along the way.  March marks National Nutrition Month as well as International Women’s Month, and we even celebrate World Teen and Wellness Day. Of course, don’t forget to wear your green on the 17th for St. Patty’s Day for good luck!   We hope you will enjoy all the articles planned for the unpredictable and transitional month of March.


With winter still popping in and out, but with the promise of spring on the way, I share a quote from Charles Dickens.  Here’s to the “anything goes” month of March!


Here’s to March and being UNCONDITIONALLY YOU!!!