Welcome to Unconditionally Her!   September has arrived and another month has passed since we launched the new magazine format in July.  We hope you are enjoying the magazine and are looking forward to another month of great content!  Thank you all for the continuing flow of encouragement and support as we continue the journey which is Unconditionally Her.


I like to call September that “in between” month.  Not quite fall but headed that direction, yet still feels like summer outside.  “Ah, September, you are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul” (Peggy Toney Horton, author).  Peggy got it right. I adore the fall season most out of all the seasons, and can’t wait for it to arrive every year.  It truly is the doorway to the fall season that I so love.   Alas, I am going to try and slow down and enjoy September, as it has so much to offer.  Why shouldn’t it get at least some of the fanfare I reserve for October, right?


September has so much to offer. Routines are getting back into place with new school years and summer vacations winding down, the autumn equinox occurs where  it is virtually half day and half night all around the world, and all the great seasonal fall colors start rolling out .  But wait, there’s more!  Did you know that National Tailgating Day is coming up on September 5th?  This year might look a little different with so many of our activities, but there is nothing wrong with hauling out those tailgating recipes and preparing them for some socially distanced outside fun.   It is also National Guacamole Day on September 16 -watch for a great recipe from us – and of course Labor Day is right there early in the month and gives us an opportunity to celebrate the social and economic contributions of American workers.   And, wrapping up the month on the very last day, as someone who cannot get enough of fitness and good health, we have National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.  I am always happy about any opportunity to encourage other women to get and stay fit and healthy!


So much is in store for September.   Keep reading each month as we continue this exciting journey.  We are looking forward to another great month together at Unconditionally Her.


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