One of the best ways to reduce stress, increase your energy levels and elevate your mood is to move your body. A few examples include:

After working as a Personal Trainer, I realized that many people either don’t like the word exercise, or they associate it with another dirty word, gym. So for them, it feels like an obligation – a should versus a want to.

As a cancer patient, survivor or caregiver, you have to find what works best for you; find what type of movement brings you joy and makes you feel energized.

After my mom finished her chemo treatment, she was exhausted – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So we co-created her own personalized wellness/self-care plan that focused on what she wanted and needed. It included:

After three weeks, she noticed a difference in her energy levels, and it only took a few minutes each day.

You matter. Your health matters. And your well-being matters.

Here’s my request: carve out 5 to10 minutes for yourself each day so that you can begin to feel good again, take back control and rediscover a new hope.

There is hope … even after cancer. Sometimes we all just need someone to help us get there. You can do it!