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Linda Ragsdale

Author, illustrator, TedX and international speaker Linda Ragsdale teaches how the powerful skills of View, Voice and Choice can guide people through the challenging parts of life to achieve a peaceful and productive outcome. Surviving a physically devastating wound in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, Linda offered a message of empathy and compassion over retaliation or resentment as her response. The world heard. Her peace work moves her around the globe, reaching over 33,000 students and adults in presentations and workshops, in Canada, India, Brazil, The Philippines, China and Japan. Linda teaches people to stay in their heart base, the tenets she applied to guide her through stage-three breast cancer, keeping her focused on celebrating life s treasures within the moments of darkness. Whether the terrorist comes from outside or within, Ragsdale believes peace offers a balanced journey through every life event, whether its traffic, trauma or cancer.

Her non-profit, The Peace Dragon, keeps Linda active in local and international schools, colleges, rotary clubs, women s groups, and FBI meetings. As a local volunteer, she is on the community boards of NPT and SouthernWord. She organizes community events for peace and social issues. In the publishing world, her picture book series, Peace Dragon Tales (Flowerpot Press) introduces peace skills to our earliest learners. Her upcoming adult book, Happily, Even After reflects her Panglossian joy to facing life. In the virtual world, she is co-host of New Focus Network’s My 2nd Act, and stars in her own upcoming series, A Happy Place, where she hopes to help people find their happy places, and stay there!