You have heard her on the CO-XST recent podcast and now the incredible Iryna Mylianovska is going to be joining us LIVE – online – from Ukraine on February 25, 2023.


As we approach the one year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, we will talk to Iryna and her family live from ????, ??????? to discuss this past year’s experience + the need for community. ⁠ If you recall, amidst the war, this beautiful woman and brave Ukrainian chose to plan her wedding and marry the love of her life while providing a day of celebration for those that needed it most and chose family, love, and her country rather than crossing the border to “safer” territories.⁠


Iryna has been gracious to allow those who attend this one hour event to bring your questions, comments, and words of encouragement from across the world.



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⁠The War in Ukraine T???? ???? ???? ?? ???????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? / ?1 AM C?/ 12PM ET 


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