On Wednesday 3/1 from 12-1:30pm EST, the lovely Leanne Jamison will host a FREE 90 minute Masterclass will guide you through the 5 Pillars of Living Your Best Life so you are able to live your most Authentic, Abundant, and Purpose Filled Life.  Through this incredible experience, Leanne will work with you to gain clarity of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions that have been holding you back and dictating your decisions for decades without your awareness.  You will learn a new, unlimited framework in which to begin living your Best Life. 


Don’t miss this experience.  AND…share with someone you know about this incredible event!  Register today!


Register Today: https://essentiallyzenful.lpages.co/5-pillars-of-living-your-best-life/




Leanne Jamison is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur. She works with highly determined, influential, visionary women who feel like they have lost their spark.  Leanne works to help them reclaim that spark, even brighter, bigger, and stronger by giving them the roadmap and support to embrace their personal power, create unshakeable confidence, become part of something bigger, and live their life with intention, clarity, purpose, passion and inspiration. Her superpower is creating a safe space and the support for you female trailblazers and leaders to explore internal blocks so you can create a Powerful shift from limitation into unlimited possibilities. With her skills as a Psychotherapist, Empowerment Coach and her intuitive abilities, she’s able to quickly identify ‘blind spots’ that are blocking you from taking the leap from where you are in life, to where you want to be, and have the skills to transform your limiting beliefs quickly and efficiently.