A global storytelling movement – UNTOLD has partnered with Cadenshae – the world leaders in activewear for pregnant and breastfeeding moms – and together the two organizations will collect and promote engaging stories of motherhood and female empowerment from women across the globe.


UNTOLD – co-founded by Nashville’s Karen Shayne and Canadian Photojournalist, Lorna Dancey; has set out to mine the unknown female-led stories of humanity from around the world.  UNTOLD exposes the remarkable stories of ordinary women and addresses the societal issues that challenge today’s controversial topics such as ageism, motherhood, women empowerment and mental health.


Lorna Dancey says by sharing their tales, women can help one another by giving validation to fears and vulnerabilities. “Each story is personal and will come from a place of courage to expose the veil of self-doubt to speak the female voice in a world that is still prone to silence. These stories will share collective experiences that’ll ultimately bring women closer together and transform fear into acceptance.” says Dancey.


The New Zealand-based maternity activewear brand will help UNTOLD collect a diverse range of stories by asking for submissions through their popular social media channels – which are predominantly followed by mothers.


Cadenshae founder and owner Nikki Clarke says she’s excited to see what comes from the partnership. “We engage with thousands of women and mothers globally, and this is why our connection with UNTOLD will work so well, as we are able to provide them with a plethora of magnificent stories that can be showcased and celebrated on a more global scale. Being involved in this project means more ‘real’ women are talking, sharing, connecting and relating to each other on REAL issues that affect them. It’s so important in this day and age that women are being seen to share their truths and hold no fear in doing so. In fact, by sharing their stories, our hope is these women will receive overwhelming support and encouragement,” says Clarke.


Cadenshae will be asking its social media followers for submissions by mid-April, but women can share their story now by heading to UNTOLDProject.org or by submitting their story here.