From the Mother’s Day Series: “Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs.” A Mom’s Project of beauty, self-worth and unconditional love created by Lorna Dancey of Lorna Dancey Photography.  

Through her eyes, she looks in the mirror at night and hates her arms. Heck, she just hates her body. Society has created this image of what the perfect woman should look like and all other types are looked upon as something other than beautiful. She feels guilty for the time not spent with her children. By the time she gets home from work, prepares dinner, helps with homework, the night is over and it’s time to put them to bed. She wishes she still had her mom. She longs to talk to her, ask her advice, ask if she is doing a good job raising her children.  She often hopes she would be proud of her and the family she has created.

Through my eyes, I knew immediately she was going to be fun. I could tell by her mischievous grin, the twinkle in her eye and her oh so wicked laugh that follows. She has a way about her that draws people in and immediately makes you feel like you’re a friend she’s known for a long time, even though she’s just met you. I also find her to be a strong and confident woman. She doesn’t pretend to be anyone but who she is and doesn’t make any apologies for it – a trait I definitely admire.

Through their eyes and with not a moment’s hesitation they told me, “She loves us very much!” They love her kisses and when she squeezes them with hugs. Her son loves the way she smells and her daughters love her makeup and work clothes. Even though they love when she takes them out for lunch, they love her cooking the best. She’s so much fun. She makes silly faces to make them laugh and can also get the dog to lick them. The smiles on their faces when they talked about all the things they love about her was infectious. They said everything about her is beautiful!

The Mom Project:  ‘Through Mine, Through Tours, Through Theirs’ was created out of teaching self-love.  As a photographer, Lorna Dancey wanted to inspire all Mom’s to be kind to themselves and see the good in everything they do and in every way they love. Lorna asked Mom’s one-by-one how they saw themselves. She then brought their children into the studio to share what they loved about their Mom. The results at times were life-changing.  She wanted each mom to see not what they saw as a woman or mother, but, in fact, what she saw. Most importantly, she wanted each Mom to celebrate themselves through the eyes of her own children and to see the importance of who they are so their children will do the same for themselves.