From the Mother’s Day Series: “Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs.” A Mom’s Project of beauty, self-worth and unconditional love created by Lorna Dancey of Lorna Dancey Photography.  

Through her eyes, all she sees are the wrinkles that weren’t there yesterday. She hates her teeth. She called them “fangs”, therefore, she doesn’t make a habit of smiling. She told me her biggest hurdle was fear. Fear makes her avoid almost everything she wants to be and do. She’s afraid to try new things, afraid of people judging her so this limits her from living her life to the fullest. She’s very self-conscious about speaking in front of people just in case she may say the wrong thing and be teased. She also fears she is limiting her social skills because she can’t bring herself to be herself.

Through my eyes, I thought, “My goodness, her skin is flawless!”  I admit I really wanted to get up close and check it out but I thought that might be too weird. LOL! Her eyes were next. They are a beautiful color of brown and blue. Another trait I noticed was her confidence. The way she held herself, laughed and interacted with people definitely made her “present”.  I could tell she loved life, people and living to the fullest.

Through their eyes, they immediately and without hesitation stated they loved their Mom’s smile.  They said they love her hair, her beauty and most of all, how much she loves them. They said she’s very smart and they know this because of all the homework she helps them out with. They said she’s very good at math and problem-solving. She has a kind heart, tickles and plays with them.  Bottom line,  she’s pretty much the best mom they know!

The Mom Project:  ‘Through Mine, Through Tours, Through Theirs’ was created out of teaching self-love.  As a photographer, Lorna Dancey wanted to inspire all Mom’s to be kind to themselves and see the good in everything they do and in every way they love. Lorna asked Mom’s one-by-one how they saw themselves. She then brought their children into the studio to share what they loved about their Mom. The results at times were life-changing.  She wanted each mom to see not what they saw as a woman or mother, but, in fact, what she saw. Most importantly, she wanted each Mom to celebrate themselves through the eyes of her own children and to see the importance of who they are so their children will do the same for themselves.