From the Mother’s Day Series: “Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs.” A Mom’s Project of beauty, self-worth and unconditional love created by Lorna Dancey of Lorna Dancey Photography.  

Through her eyes when she looks in the mirror, all she sees is tired. The strain from being newly divorced and having to find the strength to start over as well as keeping a brave front for her kids has worn it’s welcome. When people tell her she looks amazing, she doesn’t believe them because she sees what she feels. She is doing everything.  The kids keep her motivated but has no idea how she is going to keep going. But she has to.  For them. She is very thankful for the amazing group of girlfriends who have given her strength when she didn’t have anything left. When she spoke of her children, the pride and love she has for them is overwhelming and the battles they have all faced together have brought them that much closer.

When I first met Amanda, though my eyes I was instantly aware of her. She has a light that shines from within and brightens up her path as she moves through life. Her infectious smile lights up her face, welcoming all who see it.  She makes you feel like you are the most important person around.

Through their eyes, they love “EVERYTHING” about their mom. With big smiles across their faces, they glow telling me they love her intelligence, her beauty, her hair, her eyes, her smile and the way she laughs. They also love how she listens to them when they are sad, and how she is always there for them. They love her sarcasm and how she feeds them so they don’t starve (!). They also love how hard she works for them, getting them to hockey and school so they can have a good education as well as how she works so hard for the community.

After speaking with these kids, I was given one of their friendship bracelets. This gesture meant more to me then they can possibly realize. I would say, “Mama, your doing an excellent job with these two and they are very proud of who you are!”

The Mom Project:  ‘Through Mine, Through Tours, Through Theirs’ was created out of teaching self-love.  As a photographer, Lorna Dancey wanted to inspire all Mom’s to be kind to themselves and see the good in everything they do and in every way they love. Lorna asked Mom’s one-by-one how they saw themselves. She then brought their children into the studio to share what they loved about their Mom. The results at times were life-changing.  She wanted each mom to see not what they saw as a woman or mother, but, in fact, what she saw. Most importantly, she wanted each Mom to celebrate themselves through the eyes of her own children and to see the importance of who they are so their children will do the same for themselves.