In the realm of cinema, storytelling has the power to transcend boundaries, touch hearts, and inspire change. “My First Breath: The Story of Carl Gibson” is a poignant film that encapsulates the triumph of the human spirit and how faith can change lives. Now, Unconditionally Her and its partner CO-XST, along with the production team headed by Matt Scott and Tyler Goins, are all set to embark on a 15-month exhilarating film journey, bringing this compelling narrative of hope to audiences internationally.

The documentary is a faith-based drama that shares the story of Carl Gibson who at age 7 began experimenting with “huffing gas” on his family’s Dahlonega, Georgia property.  This decision set the stage for a risky downfall into substance abuse. His reliance on drugs became a way to cope with the deep-seated anxiety and depression rooted in the cycle of addiction and abuse within his home. Through his teenage and young adult years, Carl’s addiction intensified, ultimately leading to the heart-wrenching loss of his family and support system.

In this film, Carl openly shares his life experiences, recounting the pivotal moments that have shaped his present identity: a man of unwavering faith, a dedicated family member, a successful professional, and an individual with a singular mission—to help others conquer the formidable battle of drug addiction and seek family restoration.

Carl’s story merits global attention, serving as a testament to the resilience and determination one can summon while pursuing dreams, protecting loved ones, finding faith, and realizing their ultimate human potential, triumphing over the daunting challenges of addiction.

Beginning at the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival 2024 in Scottsdale, Arizona this week, our film tour begins with our short film, but by mid-April will feature a full-length film that promises to be a deeply more emotional transformative experience as you witness one by one lives changed, miracles happen and faith restored. The creators and producers aim to engage with local communities, film enthusiasts, and advocates for the human spirit. The tour will be more than a screening; it will be an interactive experience, fostering discussions, and connecting people through the universal language of storytelling.

“My First Breath” doesn’t just tell a story of overcoming drug addiction; it invites audiences to contemplate their own journeys, challenges, and victories. By taking the film on tour, we hope to inspire change and empower individuals to overcome obstacles, no matter how insurmountable they may seem. 

To reach a diverse audience, the film tour will encompass a variety of venues from traditional cinemas to churches. This inclusive approach aims to make the film accessible to people from all walks of life, ensuring that the inspiring tale of Carl Gibson resonates with as many hearts as possible.

“My First Breath: The Story of Carl Gibson” embarks on a film tour with a mission – to ignite inspiration, spark conversation, showcase the power of faith, and foster a sense of unity among communities. As the film screens in different locales, may it bring along the power to uplift, connect, and remind us all that the human spirit is resilient, capable of immense change and powerful transformation – even when life seems hopeless.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the full feature film, but for now, view the trailer at