My Pain Woke Me Up Bliss is the first in a three-book series of a fictionalized account of true story, focused on survivorship.  The book details the knockdown punches life throws Jean’s way, what it took to get back up off the mat, and how those difficult challenges resulted in a stronger, more courageous and confident individual.  It is a story of inspiration, passion perseverance, persistence, and the promise to survive.  Jean recounts her experiences from the blissful days with her first true love, to becoming a widow in her twenties, to finding love again and having the children of her dreams, to the heartbreak of a failing marriage and diagnosis of breast cancer.


MY Pain Woke Me Up – Bliss discusses the painful journey Jean experienced during her battle with breast cancer from bilateral lumpectomy with radiation, to bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery (four times), the onset of MRSA bacterial infection followed by a breast cellulitis infection, to her road to recovery and the pursuit of happiness. Her determination to help raise awareness and find a cure to end breast cancer forever grew stronger as her pain woke her up!

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