Welcome To Unconditionally Her! Some exciting changes have happened to Unconditionally Her Magazine.

This fall it’s all new! A new look, partnerships, and contributors will merge with an extensive new streaming component to compliment and connect our New Focus Network programs, expanding our reach in each medium. With over 120 contributors strong, we’re broadening our content to reflect a wider audience and support an extensive long-term vision. Unconditionally Her will continue to be a lifestyle magazine, diving deeper into the issues and challenges of modern day living, while launching a refreshing wave of positive media empowered by the strategies from our existing and growing contributors. Readers will find Unconditionally Her as their go-to guide for strategies about health and wellness, career, family and relationships, food as we enter the markets of beauty, culture, money, travel, DIY and even an inspiring kids section for the young ones. Unconditionally Her will predominately feature UNTOLD, our novel global movement featuring incredible stories via print/photo/film and podcast documenting how people have polished the roughest edges of adversity into the gemstones we all become richer from hearing.

We want you to love us as much as we love delivering amazing, uplifting articles and incredible streaming content with new partners.  Watch for a new look coming soon and stay tuned for a New Focus on a Daily basis online. To see our latest articles delivered to your mailbox, subscribe for free on our homepage at NewFocusDaily.org.  New articles are loaded weekly. best-practices suggest a large font size for easy readability both on desktop and mobile devices.