WSA Founder, Karen Shayne Premieres New Lifestyle Show 

on New Focus Network January 25, 2017

Editors note:  Our own WSA Founder is headed to television the end of January and we are overjoyed at not only her accomplishment, but her passion to spread survivorship spirit. In a brief interview with Karen Shayne, I spoke to her about her inspiration behind the show and what the future looks like in the this new media world of OTT.


Photography by Phillip Bradley, Artifact Creative.

Unconditionally Her magazine: Karen what made you decide to create a tv show?

KS:  It all began with SURVIVORville 2015.  I was approached after the event to work with some folks to create content for a proposed network.  It was great fun marrying the concept of empowerment and entertainment.  My goal was to expand the spirit of the feeling of SURVIVORville and combine them with some backstories, entertainment, and real life.  It just seemed like fun, so I took the challenge.

NM:  In this new media world, what were your goals? 

KS:  I feel like television is out of control with the concept of girls behaving badly, even now in daytime.  Most all shows on cable want to create controversy.  It’s not a healthy atmosphere.  Maybe I am just idealistic. (My mother says it’s my age.).  LOL! Whatever it is, I am at a place in my life where I feel I wanted more positive entertainment, and to make a difference.   Marry that with the new media of internet television with the Netflix and Hulu OTT concept, cable owners cutting the cord,  the timing seemed right.

NM:  How did you come up with the name “Living Inspired”?

KS:  Ah, one of my favorite stories.  At the end of each year, I try to come up with one word I will use as a goal or inspiration for the upcoming year.  In November of 2015, I picked “Inspire” as my word.  As plans progressed for the show, the name didn’t.  We struggled with names for almost four months before my 2016 “word-of-the-year” surfaced.  It fit like a perfect glove.  Finally, we had a name!

NM:  Karen, what is Living Inspired?

It is a lifestyle series that mixes true inspiration, entertainment, and Southern fun. That’s probably the best way to describe the show. Living Inspired features guests with extraordinary stories, celebrities, health, food and fashion tips and showcases three of daytime television’s most popular topics: talk, how-to and empowerment.  Most importantly, it was created as an extension of my passion with the Women Survivors Alliance.  It was an opportunity to showcase positive and empowering reality mixed in with some light-hearted fun. This is a show for anyone wishing to be inspired and to be reminded there is good in the world.

NM: Rumor has it the show was shot in front of a live studio audience.  

KS: Yes, talk about intimidating! The first season was shot at the historic Melrose in Nashville, Tennessee.  The set was just beautiful and it was substantial enough to bring a live audience to add to the flare. While the show wasn’t first designed around a live studio audience, we tossed the idea around, ultimately deciding it was the best route for a show this high-energy.  But, I have to say, it did not come without nerves!  Thank heaven for editors!

NM: What are you most proud of with this new challenge? 

KS: Living Inspired captures the spirit of survivorship but also appeals to a general audience seeking something positive in the current media landscape.  Our first season guests included Olympian (and cancer survivor) Scott Hamilton, Titan Tim Shaw, Celebrity Chef Rains and many more.  It’s a fun-filled celebration of life, people, food, music and down home Southern fun.We even chased food trucks!  And rumor has it, I am jumping out of a plane in season two. With a parachute, I hope! It’s about taking your life and creating a challenge for yourself.  And, yes, Cindy, I do have my sweet tea on set at all times.  The best part is every episode features someone sharing their ‘2nd Act’ after a life challenge. “Living Inspired” is empowering, motivating and entertaining. It’s show-stopping goodness all rolled into one show.

Oh, and have I mentioned the outtakes? LOL!

NM: Thank you, Karen Shayne, for always putting survivorship at the forefront of everything you do.  We’re rooting for you!

Living Inspired with Karen Shayne will be one of New Focus Network’s signature series and can be seen on AppleTV, iOS, Android, Chromecast and Roku starting January 25, 2017.  You will be able to download the app and view it on your Smart TV, Roku, laptop, tablet and smartphone.