In the quiet corners of life, we often encounter individuals whose stories resonate like gentle melodies of bn the spring. Today, we step into the world of June, a widow I interviewed just two Christmases ago and a woman whose spirit deeply touched my soul.  As we sit down to chat, we unravel the woven threads of a beautiful and enduring connection to her late husband. Through her words and memories, June paints a portrait of love that withstands the test of loss and grief. We hear about the spirit of her community and how it played a role in her healing.  Finally, we will hear how her husband’s memory serves as a poignant reminder that love, in its purest form, has the power to inspire and uplift even in the face of profound sorrow. Join us as we delve into June’s story of her love of “fine things” while we explore the resilience of the human heart and the timeless beauty of a love that will forever live on in a little town called Clinton. 

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