Today on the  CO-XST: The podcast, we speak with the amazing Jess Leblanc.  We’ve endorsed this amazing spirit 100x + we’ll continue to do so the next 100x. She’s our delicious cup of coffee – the thing that starts our days! The soothing awakening to explore our curiosity as the sun rises + and conquer whatever comes our way.


Through this episode, we acknowledge how we’re all a little F*cked up, and we keep going anyways! That means YES, we’re allowed to complain [set a timer + scream your face off], and then we move out of that space + pivot like a rockstar. Insight, motivation and there freedom to be YOU – that’s what we talk about with Jess.


This woman has built the ultimate community within @embodied__living and the @lucentfestival —


Her success stories SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES [no additional marketing needed!) — and if you’re ready to answer your calling, the time is now.



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