Our guest today on the Co-Xst podcast is Recording Artist Chloe Caroline!  Everyone’s Californian-bestie, this incredible singer/songwriter/musician shares her experiences dealing with a serious sickness  – then bullying as a young child and how that taught  her to be an “OLD SOUL” to finding her message of life in music,  her love for nature on the bad days + her passion for CREATING. Chloe Caroline is living the DREAM + manifesting BIG THINGS which she spills during the interview!


We’re proud to include Chloé’s hit single “READY” as the theme song for ?????? ??? [podcast] + working on the final bits of the ???? ??????????? of our sun-kissed Queen.





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About Chloe:


Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California, Chloé Caroline’s music and artistry radiates a warm, authentic, SoCal vibe with a subliminal message for people to live their truth  and spread their light so we can better connect and understand each other. Her ultimate goal: for nobody to ever feel alone. Her sound’s intentional combination of real and synthetic instruments and nods to the past and present, lends her to being a timeless breath of fresh air for the future of pop music. She is both an old soul yet ahead of her time.  A prolific writer, Chloé combines the vocal influences of Stevie Nicks/Amy Winehouse/Avril Lavigne with the pop and writing sensibility of Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes. She uses bitingly honest lyrics and storytelling influenced from the highs and lows of her personal life and the world around her to strike a chord and connect to a universal audience.