How often in our lives do we explore the profound connection between our inner selves (our soul) and the ever-changing landscape of our lives?   Life can be surprising at times sometimes and the whiplash of unexpected changes can often send shockwaves down to the the core of our being. How does our soul respond to these shocks, and what happens to our sense of identity in the process?   Today on the show we are going to explore a personal narrative with a friend you and I have grown to love, as he shares his own experiences of adjustment during times of change. The reflection and growth I must say are pretty beautiful as he shares how he has coped and even learned to thrive in the face of life-altering shifts  Join us as we share insights about navigating soul shocks, understanding how they shape our identities, and finding the strength to adapt to life’s inevitable changes. exploring how disruptions can lead to a transformative journey.

Join Karen Shayne as she and Carl Gibson talk about “Soul Shocked” and how they explore the complexities of their own souls and find resonance in the experiences of others. It’s a reminder that in our most vulnerable moments, we often find the greatest strength and connection. So, tune in, open your heart, and let “Soul Shocked” guide you on a path of self-discovery and empathy.

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