Yesterday, we celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day.   In honor of all courageous cancer survivors from around the globe, Unconditionally Her is showcasing some amazing stories from the original Survivor Stories from the Stage theater shows by making their stage show performances a podcast.


Today’s podcast features another one of own Unconditionally Her contributors, Chef Mary Stodola.


This Wisconsin native knows her way around the kitchen!  A breast cancer survivor, Chef Mary Stodola created culinary excellence when she became CEO of her Nashville catering company, Simply Delicious, Fueled by her her beloved mother, Chef Mary is an advocate for health, humor and loving life while delighting us with amazing recipes right from her kitchen table.  She’s her own spicy spice, always flavored with a dash of humor and hope!


Take a listen to this incredible story from everyone’s favorite  – Chef Mary!


Listen to Chef Mary’s story here.