This weekend, we celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day.   In honor of all courageous cancer survivors from around the globe, Unconditionally Her is showcasing some amazing stories from the original Survivor Stories from the Stage theater shows by making their stage show performances a podcast.


Today’s podcast features one of own Unconditionally Her contributors, Rhonda Hicks.


Rhonda is a wife, mother of two, a Thelma to your Louise, a corporate IT professional and entrepreneur extraordinaire.   She’s also a mentor, a leader, a follower of her faith, a motivator and a giver.  Above all, she’s a cancer survivor; a woman who knows no boundaries in leadership and no limits of how to give back after a shocking cancer diagnosis rocked her seemingly perfect life.


Take a listen to this incredible story – and watch for a future article coming from our bestie, Rhonda!


Listen to Rhonda’s story here.