Recently a close friend of the family lost a child.  He told the story of him traveling home after receiving the tragic news. He stopped at a gas station and as he was paying, all he could think about at that moment was “Nobody knows that I just lost my boy.”   He expressed his emotions of confusion and disbelief that his mind and body were going through. He wasn’t sure what to do or say. His heart will never be the same, but he WILL have a new normal one day. 

As days passed,  the words “nobody knows I just lost my boy” kept playing in my head. How many times have I been in the presence of a person going through a tragedy and did not know? Did I even take the time or effort to notice? These seven words are changing my thought process as I am becoming more aware of the people around me. 

As we approach the holidays and life becomes over-scheduled, stressful, and frankly self-indulging, this is the perfect time to acknowledge these seven words. Can we become a little softer with our words, a little more patient with our actions, and take a little time for others during the holidays? Of course we can. Our words and actions can have a profound impact on someone going through their own tragedy.

From THIS, let’s take a moment to remember THAT our kind words and actions YOU and I show others, can make a difference this holiday.

Merry Christmas to everyone and may you find wonderful gifts of blessings this holiday season.