It’s here! October is finally here.  My most favorite month of the year and from what I read and hear is the favorite for many of us.  A February 2021 survey by YouGovAmerica surveyed 15,120 US adults and asked them “Which of the following would you say is your favorite month of the year?” and “Which of the following would you say is your least favorite month of the year? Excluding those who responded they didn’t have a favorite or least favorite month, the 13,141 remaining responses indicated that October topped the list among those with a favorite month with about one in seven – or 15% – saying it was their favorite month. In case you wondered, about one-quarter – or 26% – of those who have a least favorite month chose January, with February coming in second with 21% saying it’s their least favorite month. August was a distant third at 11%.  I did not take the poll, but my responses tend to parallel those of the majority – well, almost since my birthday month is August so it ranks high on my list of favorite months.  But Octobers sashayed right up to the top of the list!   And those of us who love the leaves, the sweater weather, crisp nights, bonfires, the explosion of color outdoors, and ALL that is October, are now in our element. Welcome, October!


Whether October tops your list or not, every month is special at Unconditionally Her including October.   I always love World Smile Day® and Do Something Nice Day which I learned last year are always in October. For 2021, World Smile Day®  is TODAY and people around the world organize a variety of activities for the purpose of making others smile, with a theme of “Do an act of kindness.  Help one person smile!”   If you happen to miss it on October 1, there is nothing wrong with creating smiles or doing something nice any day.  And Do Something Nice Day falls on October 5, so another opportunity to go the extra mile.  Extra smiles and thoughtful gestures are always in vogue.   We will have plenty of recipes, UNTOLD stories of inspiration, recognition of breast cancer awareness, World Mental Health Day, which is October 10th, and so much more this month.  And while it’s not a happy topic, we’ll address domestic violence as part of the national effort to raise awareness of this topic with sadly resonates with many. It’s important.


Thank you for sharing October with us.   May your October be spectacular. Who knows, maybe it will even top your list of favorite months if it isn’t already.


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!



“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” — L.M. Montgomery (Canadian author, Anne of Green Gables and more)