Editor’s note:  Unconditionally Her has had the pleasure for several years of knowing Sara Skillen, CEO of Skillset Coaching and Organizing, and we were so very excited to hear that she now calls herself “author” in addition to her many other talents.  Unconditionally Her asked her to share more about her new book, Organizing and Big Scary Goals, which was just released this month. Most of us can use a little more organization in our lives and the start of the new year is a perfect time to share more about Sara and her new book.  Whether you are interested in the book or just want more tips on getting and staying organized, check out some of Sara’s previous Unconditionally Her articles including this one on “post-holiday cues” or her blog to get some great insight and tips on staying organized.


Sara Skillen, SkillSet Coaching and Organizing

Unconditionally Her:  What inspired you to write this book, Organizing and Big Scary Goals?

SS: Many things, but probably the biggest inspirations are my clients. Even though I’m not writing about any specific person, the stories and reflections are very much influenced by the people I’ve been fortunate to work with – as I wrote I often imagined talking with them. I’ve witnessed people who are very discouraged with the whole concept of organization, and I wanted to write something that could help people set aside preconceived notions of “organizing” and “productivity.”


Unconditionally Her:  What are some of the biggest take-homes you hope people will take away from reading it?

SS: It is absolutely possible to improve and master a skill even if you don’t have the inborn ability. It is possible to develop your own unique way of maintaining order. If you want to arrange your clothes in rainbow order, and if that’s helpful to you, wonderful! But if not, that’s not the only way to go about it. Everyone’s way of organizing should be suited to their lives, not anyone else’s.


One other fun thing (for me, anyway) that might not be obvious to readers – the name of each fictional character has a particular meaning that relates to their story. For example, “Karl” in Chapter 8 means “free man,” The name “Cody” in Chapter 7 means “helpful,” and so on.


Unconditionally Her:  What was the most challenging thing for you in writing this book? 

That’s easy – my own semi-crippling perfectionism. I started the project three years ago, and finished the last chapter a year ago, but since then I’ve edited, and reworked, and rewritten, and asked for feedback, and rewritten more. I finally had to let it go and trust that I had done my best…but in my head I could keep picking at it forever!


Unconditionally Her: Any plans for future books? 

Absolutely. I have two ideas already percolating, and I’ve learned so many great things in this process that I want to put into practice going forward. I’m looking forward to digging into the next project in 2020.


Unconditionally Her:  Thank you, Sara for always being willing to share with our readers. I hope that many will check out your book and blog and take a peek back at some of the many articles you have written for Unconditionally Her. You are such a great resource on organization. Happy New Year!


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