In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Lorna Dancey shares the most incredible and heartfelt story of Mackenzie and her mom.

When they placed Mackenzie in her arms, she fell instantly in love,  but soon after she realized her daughter would grow up with limitations. She asked the Dr. what would her full potential be and he responded, “Did you know what your sons potential would be when they were born?”

From that day forward, they decided to raise her exactly the same.

That first year was full of adjustments and she felt she needed to come to terms and grieve the loss of the baby she ‘thought’ she was going to have. Her hopes and dreams for her life were gone and she knew how cruel people could be and that life would beat her down. She thought her daughter would believe what she saw in the mirror and what other people said about her.

She soon realized, the only limitations she has are the ones society puts on her. She knows her daughter will never be a Dr. or a lawyer like she originally dreamed but today; her daughter is much more than she could have ever imagined. It’s truly about the unconditional love and the relationship between them that matters the most. Her daughter has made her a better parent by teaching her those kinds of lessons and that is something she might not have fully learned if that little girl didn’t come into her life…

Mackenzie doesn’t see in herself what other people see when they look at her. She has no idea of the judgment or limitations that are sometimes directed towards her because quite frankly, she lives her life as she sees fit. If she wants to try something, she does it because that is how she was raised. She wanted to try zip lining, modeling and experience travel just to name a few, so she did them all. She wanted to write a book, and now she’s a published author. She lives with a roommate, volunteers, works two jobs, loves laughing and making the most out of every day. She knows no boundaries and has a strong sense of the woman she is. She is truly loved by her family and friends. She is independent and successful with a life filled with adventure, you couldn’t stop her even if you tried…

Everyone and every family has a story.  Be kind.  Love the miracles and show the beauty in every day and with every breath.

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