CONGRATULATIONS! You survived! Now what? All your attention and energy had been focused on surviving. You had a clear purpose. And then suddenly, you arrived! Now you can get on with your life. But everything has changed! If not now, when will you create your flourishing life? Following are three keys for getting started:

  1. Reassess and prioritize your values
  2. Get clear about what you WANT in your life to create your vision
  3. Find an accountability partner to support you feeling good about yourself & to keep you moving forward

1. Reassess and prioritize your values:

Now that you’ve SURVIVED your illness, everything is changed, and that may include your values. What seemed important before can seem trivial now. And things you may have put on the back burner before may take on more importance now.

2. Create your vision – What you WANT your life to be

Brainstorm and write down all the things you would love to do, who you want to be, where you want to go and with whom, and how you want to feel (very important!).

3. Get support and an accountability partner

This may look different for you than it does for your friends.

If not now, WHEN will you create your flourishing life?