Honestly, when I wrote this recipe, I had never, ever smoked anything, much less ribs, in any smoker.   I had watched several YouTube videos and I am an avid Food Network watcher, so I had to give it a try.  I was amazed at how these smoked ribs were surprisingly easy to make, even for the first time out of the gate.


What I loved about making these ribs was creating the perfect seasoning. Depending on your taste and spice level, you can add more or less heat.  But, what I loved the most is how the crust encompassed around the meat and how they made them incredibly tender. The apple juice brine and the extra dry rub during the smoking process added another layer of intense flavor.


Heat it up or tone it down, but start by trying these out for size.  For those who are skilled chef’s, I used an electric smoker.



Perfectly Seasoned Smoked Ribs


For Brining:

2 cups apple juice



Dry Rub:

3/4 Cup Turbinado sugar

3 Tbs Smoked paprika

1 Tbs c  Onion powder

2 Tbs  Garlic powder

2 Tbs  Maple pepper Spice (salt free)

3 Tbs c  Sweet paprika

3 Tbs Honey garlic spice (I like the Weber brand the best.)

1 Tbs Black pepper

1 Tb Ground mustard

1 Tb Ground Orange peel

1 Tbs Salt




Remove the membrane first.


Brine your rack of ribs (I prefer baby back ribs) overnight and meat side down in 2 cups of apple juice.  Cover with plastic wrap.


Take out your ribs at least 30 minutes before putting them on the smoker.


Combine all your dry seasonings and rub liberally on both sides of your ribs, leaving about 1/3 of the seasoning remaining.


Smoke at 250°F for 2 hours.


Remove your ribs and apply the remaining seasoning.


Place back on the grill at 250°F for about 2 hours or until they come to an internal temperature of 175 degrees.


Ribs are ready when the meat pulls nicely from the bone.