NEW PODCAST! My First Breath w/ Carl Gibson

Today, a heartwarming podcast reunion unfolds as Karen Shayne, the host of “Unconditionally Her,” and Kiya Naka from Co-XST join forces to collaborate and share the compelling story of the film, “My First Breath: The Story of Carl Gibson.” Carl’s journey began at the tender age of 7 when he embarked on a hazardous path by experimenting with inhaling gas on his family’s property in Dahlonega, Georgia. This pivotal decision marked the onset of a perilous journey into substance abuse, where drugs became his means of coping with the profound anxiety and depression deeply rooted in the cycle of addiction and familial abuse.

In our podcast today, Carl delves deeper into the undisclosed aspects of his life story, shedding light on experiences that were not covered in the film. He is joined by his son, Nick, as they openly share the pivotal moments that have defined their current relationship. Much like the film, this podcast serves as a testament to the resilience and determination that one can summon when pursuing their dreams, safeguarding their loved ones, and realizing their full human potential, all while triumphing over the formidable challenges posed by addiction. Carl’s transformation into a pillar of strength and a remarkable man with unwavering faith and a profound dedication to his family becomes an inspiring example to everyone dealing with a struggle in their life. 

Prepare yourself, and grab a hankie as this touching story will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Listen to Podcast #6 here.