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Welcome to the Podcast cover with Karen Shayne

In this introduction podcast, Host Karen Shayne welcomes all readers and new listeners tuning in to our Unconditionally Her Podcast, “Conversations”.  This episode gets ready dive into some amazing discussions with some fabulous women (and the occasional man or two).  Conversations will empower and celebrate the modern woman and provide a platform for the multi-faceted woman, from career to motherhood to even retirement all while having fun along the way.

Listen to Podcast #1 here.

In episode, #2 we’ll be discussing the importance of loving ourselves unconditionally and how it can positively impact our lives.  As a generation of women that has been taught they can – and should – have it all, taking the time to love yourself all too often gets pushed aside. We tell ourselves we’re not worthy of our own love until we’ve run that lost those last few pounds, gotten that additional education, been there to babysit more for the grandkids, stayed later at work….yes, the list goes on. But the reality is, you already deserve your own love, as you are. We’re here today, to remind you that self-love isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. Our guest is the amazing Leanne Jamison. You will not want to miss this – we make a call out for margarita hour!!

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