Fall is here.  The season has changed.  Time for weather transformations and altering the clothes I will fashion.  Daylight savings time will occur.  That will mean there is an adjustment in the time I wake up in the early morning.  After our fall season, winter will soon be here.  Then after that, another season will be replaced by spring.  Then summer again, and then back to fall.  We are never in each season long enough to be stuck permanently in that time of the year.  It is just a temporary situation.  Each of the seasons bring new and different collections of weather, landscapes, activities, clothes, daylight, and food.  I enjoy each season, even though in order for me to truly appreciate them I need to leave behind that previous time of the year.  Each season everything changes but somethings stay the same. There will always be changes, whether I like it or not.

The changes of season also evoke memories of the many times I needed to make life adjustments.  Yes, I too have made many changes in my 15 years of life.  I had to leave behind one season in my life because of changes that brought me to a new period in my life.  Sometimes we get to control these life changes and some of these life changes we have absolutely no control over whatsoever.  I must say, I usually prefer the changes I can control.  When I am in control I am the captain of my own ship that I get to navigate my way.  Just call me Captain Jessica!  I will be wearing a Captain’s hat and my life changes will have to salute me.  But on second thought, when I look back, maybe I do prefer the life changes that I had no control over.  So many changes in my life happen to me that I never would have signed up for.  I wasn’t in charge.  I didn’t give the approval for these fluctuations.  On top of it, these changes hurt.  They were challenging.  I wasn’t the Captain.  No one saluted.  I had no say so over my own life.  I wonder…  What type of mental mindset and attitude hat do you wear when everything changes that you have no control over?  It is certainly not the Captain’s hat.  So, what hat should we wear?  I say – wear any hat you want!!!  Go ahead, cowgirl up and wrangle up some courage to the life changes that are being thrown at you.


But first, let’s talk about the changes we get to control in life.  I heard that saying, “you change your habits, you change your life.”  I can make changes to better myself or make changes to improve my life if I change my habits.  If I want to get into better physical fitness shape, I will need to change my daily habits of exercise and eating healthy foods.  If I want to become a license driver when I turn 16, I will need to put a plan together to study and make it a habit to learn how to drive when I get my learners permit.  Even if I am a little nervous to do so.  But making these changes will give me amazing positive results.


Don’t you love it when you have control over things?  Well, I do.  I can control my mindset to make changes.  I can control my habits and accomplish so much.  I just put on my literal and figurative hat to help me make a change.  My change of hat helps me to hold my head up high and attack with the necessary mental gusto to accomplish my goals.  I can even control the simple things in life.  I can control what outfit I am going to wear, what I want to eat for lunch, and what homework I want to do first.  Having control is great.  I am sure that if it is possible we would stay within our nice comfy routine and our cozy lifestyle without anything changing.  It is easier that way.  I know I like easy, but then my existence would get kind of boring after a while.  I would not get to expand my horizons or accomplish new things.  I need an adventure in my life, don’t you?  For me, that is where God comes into play.  That makes me think of the saying, “when God closes a door, he opens a window.”

So how do you handle it when a door closes in your life?  When the door closes, we don’t have any control over it.  The door closes and slams shut in our life.  At the time, it feels very painful.  It doesn’t make sense.  We may even feel like sulking and complaining.  Or maybe even cry.  I know some of us keep trying and trying to pry open that slammed shut door.  Why do we do this?  When this happens, we need to change our mindset and change our attitude hat.  We need to allow ourselves to change the direction and look away from the slammed door and to the new window. What attitude hat am I going to wear to handle this situation where I don’t have control?  What mental mindset hat do I put on to look over and through this new window?  I am going to wear a hat filled with the bravery of a warrior, the fortitude of a positive attitude, and fierceness of the person I know I am.

I have come to a conclusion that life is about freshness.  Seasons and the changes it brings come and go.  Because of this, I feel it is important to appreciate the season you are in and embrace the new freshness of change that is approaching you.  If you feel stuck, put on a new hat, and charge ahead!

Go ahead – change your hat!

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Jessica Meyer,

Positively Jessica