Fun Sized Fashion – My Wonderful Issue

Spring is here!!! Bring on the warm weather and beautiful sundresses. I am so excited that the flowers are blooming, the trees are green, and I can wear shorts and a tank tops again. The weather is just perfect, its not too hot, its not too cold, it’s just right. You get that nice light breeze that feels so good brushing up against your skin and makes your hair look as light as a feather. The colors outside are so beautiful and vibrant, it puts a smile on your face. This is truly the best time of year for fashion.

Although for fun size people like me, it is quite difficult to find an outfit that fits my age and style, much less clothes that fit my small frame. Let’s just call this my wonderful issue.

As some of my readers may know, from where my cancer was located, it stunted my growth and effected some other quirky things in my body. So that meant as other kids were growing, I wasn’t.  Cancer took away what could have been almost 5 more inches of height for me.  But with medical intervention I did get to grow a little more than I thought.  As of today, I am happy to say that my unofficial height is now measuring almost 5 feet tall! This is such an accomplishment, considering less than two years ago I measured only 4 feet 6 inches.

For someone my height, age and weight, I am right in the middle of all the clothing size options for a teenager. I am caught between a girl and a woman (when it comes to clothing options – lol). Obviously, I don’t fit into a size 7/8 in kids, but believe it or not, I do fit into a size 10/12. So even though I can fit into the kids’ section of the store, most of the clothes seem to be either the pink light up shoes, Hello Kitty outfits, bows, and tutus, although cute, are not really a teenager’s style.

Lately I have been able to move over a few times to the teen section of the store and try on clothes. There’s a size 0, size 1, size 2, or size 3. Some of the dresses almost fit me, at least the length does.  But then it occurred to me how short this dress must be for someone who is average height.  I pretty much realized that this dress on someone taller than me, would be really, really, short. In that moment of short skirts, all the years of private school dress code are calling out to me saying “it must be knee length.”

I walk into the dressing room to try on a collection of clothes.  These outfits are so cute, I am hoping some will fit. I try on some blue jeans, a few pairs of shorts, a few tops, and a couple of spring dresses. As I try on each outfit, I come out of the dressing room as if I am walking down the runway of a fashion show to display the new clothing designs.  Turns out by the end of my dressing room fashion show of too baggy, too much room, and I can see too much of that, seemed to be the theme.   I did luck out that I was able to find a few pieces of clothing that did work out better than expected.

However, I am not the only one who has encountered this fun sized fashion problem. A few weeks ago, I came across this really cool webpage called Extra Petite. As I was reading through her blogs and looking at the pictures that corresponded with it, I thought to myself two things. One being that, “Wow, I love her style and that’s so cute.” Secondly, I thought, “She has some of the same fashion fiascos as I do. Someone understands me!”

Within her “about blog” on her webpage she states, and I quote “I’m a firm believer that size and height should never limit your ability to look stylish and feel confident. As my site name suggests, I’m a touch under 5-feet tall. I originally started writing to share my journey to build a wardrobe that actually fit and flattered my figure (aka trying to not look like a 12-year-old in the workplace).”

I know what you are thinking… we are like two peas in a pod. This make me so happy seeing that other people that are “pocket-sized” and have wardrobe challenges too.


May everyone have a gorgeous, fashionable spring.

Jessica Meyer

Positively Jessica


Just as a quick blurb…

Throughout this article I called my petiteness as a “wonderful issue” or a “fun sized fashion problem. ”I mean this in the most positive way because I am absolutely thankful to be here today dealing with the after effects of cancer. Plus, I love to be small. And you know what they say about short people. We maintain a great perspective on life, because we are always looking up!

I invite you to visit my YouTube channel Positively Jessica where you can learn about me enjoying life and my new “vlog the blog” series to see more about my blog creation and behind the scenes of this article. Enjoy!


All images courtesy of Jessica Meyer.