What do you wish for?  We all have our special secret wishes.  Wishes are the result of tapping into our imagination and creating a yearning for something real.  I like to wish for things.  I wish for good health, happiness, and new Jelly Belly flavors.  Not exactly in this order.  I have many more wishes.  I wish for bright sunny days and warm weather.  I wish my dogs would live forever.  I wish to travel to different continents.  I wish to swim in all five oceans of the world.  I wish for a cure for cancer, so no one will ever suffer again.  I wish to make a difference in life.  I wish to fall in love.  At least puppy love.

My wish list, or my ultimate list of wishes, almost becomes my goals.  But to make them really happen, we need to have a plan and work on the steps to reach our wish.  The really cool thing about working your plan is the journey you put yourself on.  You see, I know first hand about the power of a wish.  I am a wish kid.  I was the recipient of a wish that was granted through Make-A-Wish. The power of the wish happens two ways.  The wish being granted is amazing.  The wish that is being planned gives you something to look forward too while fighting cancer.  That was so incredibly powerful.  I think wishing for things has a special effect on you.  The planning to make the wishes come true has an even bigger force of power.  Your wishes bring you hope to fight through whatever bump in the road of life you are going through.  Your wishes will help you keep your hope because you need to stay focused in knowing that the end result will be good, and you can make your wish come true. The power of a wish is beyond all recognition.  Just one wish can change your life and change what is yet to come.  Wishes gives you hope.  This is what we need to conquer our fears, are battles, and our challenges.

I don’t know about you, but my wishes are like the teenage version of Candy Land.  In the board game, there are colorful spaces you get to land on and pass through.  The board is winding and linear.  Then you get to land on locations such as Gum Drop Mountain and Candy Cane Forest.  This is kind of how I wish my life to be.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit Gum Drop Mountain.  I wish for all of us to live in colorful spaces and pass through life with many sweet treats full of experiences.

Living the life you wish for yourself can always be fun and colorful.  You should always live life to the sweetest.

I wish that for all of you.

Positively Jessica

Jessica Meyer

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