Gold is a color that is associated with many things like courage, magic, and wisdom. Gold is also known as the color of the cancer ribbon for all childhood cancers. There is even a month that is solely dedicated to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer. This month is September, which is nationally known as childhood cancer awareness month. I think that childhood cancer is not something to just ignore. Did you know that pediatric cancer is the number one cause of death in children by disease in our country? And did you know that there are about 40 kids diagnosed with cancer every day? It is crazy that cancer is so widespread. Another fact is that childhood cancer is so underfunded and only gets about 4% of cancer research funding. This drives my passion even more to go gold.

To go gold for childhood cancer awareness month, I love to show my support by belonging to an organization called Book for Hope. Their mission is to help fund childhood cancer research and treatments while sponsoring families during their battle with pediatric cancer. Every year in the month of September they put on this event called the Just Imagine Walk. This is an incredible event because this year and every year they raise so much awareness and funds that go to support childhood cancer fighters. Half of the money raised went to the local children’s hospital to help the pediatric cancer fighters. The other half was split between the two families at the event with the cancer-fighting kids.

The Just Imagine Walk is remarkable because you truly get to experience something magical. Looking around the event, I get to see all the sponsors and supporters for this wonderful cause. Everybody has a big smile on their face because they are so excited to see if all their hard work for this year’s event will surpass last year’s goal of how much money they raised.

After everyone settled down and found a seat, all eyes are up by the DJ who is just about to announce the person that put this whole event together. Her name is Gaylon and she is so incredible. Gaylon is the president of Book for Hope. She has dedicated so much time and energy in raising awareness for pediatric cancer. She is full of passion and joy, and I am very honored to know her. Gaylon is up at the front thanking everyone for their attendance and she is explaining the importance for why we are here. We all feel like one for a moment as we join each another in our hearts as we met our two pediatric cancer fighters that are here with us today. One of the kids is a sweet, enthusiastic boy who is battling a type of cancer that effects his production of a certain type of cells in his body. The other kid is the princess of all princesses.  She is having to face a type of cancer that is in the blood and bone marrow. Both families told their stories, and both families touched our hearts. They tell us the realities of what their child must endure.  They shared the ups and downs of having to battle cancer, and wow, these kids are powerful!

Then, the time came around when it was my turn to go up and give my speech. One of my main missions at this event was to inspire everyone that this is our time, here and now, to go forward and make a difference in helping pediatric cancer.  This month is especially important since it is childhood cancer awareness month. I think I hit the mark with my speech and left inspiration to make a difference.

Let’s show our support and go gold. I do challenge you to do one thing this month that will benefit the children fighting cancer.

Here are some ways to show your support to all the pediatric cancer fighters. You can do something as simple as wearing a gold ribbon on your shirt for the month of September. You can participate in an event that raises awareness for childhood cancer research. Another way is to become a volunteer or donate to your local children’s hospital. There are so many ways to show your support, get creative with it.

Are you up for the challenge?

Positively Jessica


Jessica Meyer

Positively Jessica

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