Nothing is more perfect than the perfect Valentine cocktail – and this one is it. This delicious drink is made to order—just combine the raspberry mixture and Champagne when you’re ready to serve.  You can make it sweeter or more tart, depending on that perfect Valentine choice.

Raspberry & Lime Valentine Cocktail

1 C Seedless raspberry jam

1/2 C fresh lime juice

1/2C simple syrup (1/4c sugar/ 1/4 c water)

Your favorite brand of Champagne

Fresh lime(s)

Fresh Raspberries for garnish


SImply mix the raspberry jam, simple syrup  and fresh lime juice in a small bowl. Spoon it into the glasses, then top off with some bubbly and a round of lime for raspberry garnish, and this beautiful, easy, delicious cocktail is set to impress your Valentine.   It’s as simple as that! Enjoy!