Where you live can impact plans for gardening.  What blooms well in Tennessee might not bloom so well in Texas.  What flourishes in California may not have a chance in Maine.   Did you know that every county in the United States has an Extension office that works with local land-grant university experts   where research is done in entomology, or the student of insects, and agriculture?  They work to provide information and education programs in economic and community development, leadership, family issues, agriculture, and the environment.  Not everyone is aware of this hidden gem that is such a wonderful resources to communities everywhere.

Extension offices include in their areas of expertise gardening, agriculture, and pest control.      They can help with questions and challenges one might face while trying to grow that beautiful, blooming flower garden or that vegetable garden that is going to keep your pantry stocked.   Or with that front yard that just doesn’t seem to thrive.  Extension offices can assist with providing details on hardiness zones, soil testing, choosing appropriate plants, pest control, lawn care, and more.

Do you know how to use your county Extension office?  While some counties have regionalized and services are offered at a regional level, there is still support available for every county in the United States through the more than 3,000 extension offices.   Learn more by locating the resources in your state with a map from the National Pesticide Information Center.

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out some of the many, many videos on YouTube that are posted by local Extension offices.  Just type in your state and “Extension Office Gardening” and see what pops up.

Happy gardening!

Image from www.pexels.com, courtesy of Noelle Otto



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