Just the title itself made me giggle in a southern slang only a Georgia/Tennessee girl and her girlfriends could truly understand.  I didn’t even think for a second about purchasing this book the day it hit the shelves, and I was not disappointed.   Reese Witherspoon, megastar of Legally Blonde, Walk the Line and now Big Little Lies never fails to delight her media audiences, but now this multi-talented lady shows she’s not just great behind and in front of the camera, but also pen to paper.

In her first self-manuscript, Witherspoon captures the heart of her southern heritage with a beautifully illustrated coffee table- style book of her life where you feel in every turn of the page you are having a glass of sweet tea with your girlfriend. For those who are not part of the lifestyle of the southern states, Witherspoon family values brings you in as you feel the respect and love of upbringing in every page.  What I love the most about the book is it’s not another celebrity biography, it’s a captivating delivery of a person you want to know better.

Witherspoon is also known for her activism for women’s issues across the globe.  You feel her passion for those issues in her references to Grandma Dorthea, one of the first women to earn a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University.  You feel the inspiration of Dorthea not just in the words, but also through her life-long keepsakes, recipes and personal style.

Nope, it doesn’t matter where you live – North, South, East or West – if you already loved Witherspoon, you will love her even more. Go get it today.  I guarantee page by page will make you grin and, who knows, perhaps you might want to try a buttermilk biscuit a big bowl of grits.  “After all,” as Reese states, “There’s a Southern side to every place in the world, right?”