Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin! Tis the season, huh?  Well, for all you wheat sensitive or Celiac individuals, do I have some GREAT news.  Williams Sonoma Gluten-Free Holiday Quick Breads have landed on the shelves and I am a fan!


These little guys come in all kinds of flavors for the holidays, but the  Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Bread and the Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk are just the tickets when you have to whip up a quick and easy bread for that office or church outing.


Honestly,  as a GF’er, I am always timid to put out the money to try what I am most of the time disappointed in.  But, William Sonoma has mastered the art of Gluten-Free and I am on my…wait for it….third round of baking these delightful little loaves.


One thing I will add, here. I decided to dress mine up with a little maple syrup and confectioners sugar (with a little dash of vanilla). It was the last touch to an already happy place for me.


Review:  Go get it!  And, for those who aren’t GF’ers, they have the non-gluten free to pick from. Either way, it’s a perfect touch for a quick holiday flavor.