Season’s Change from Spring Launch to Going Global Year One

I always knew becoming a survivor would be tough road to haul. It takes resilience and perseverance. What I didn’t realize is that managing my own e-commerce business while designing my own post-operative apparel line would be so demanding of my time from start-up, design, development, production, sales, distribution, management and ops.

I truly enjoy the fast days flying by and seasons changing but where does the time go? It seems just yesterday when I put pen to paper and drew upon my vast media and tech experience to devise the first post-op bra.  Then I had a soft-launch of the ‘Nina Bra,’ market tested it with survivors, listened to what survivors and physicians had to say, tweaked the design, and launched that bra this past spring (April 2017) with an entire collection of colorful designs.  CRISSCROSS Intimates launched with a seasonal change for breast cancer.

In my opinion, there is no other brand like CrissCross Intimates, which includes a full collection of luxury intimate apparel for women and men (bras, panties, leggings, pouch, accessories, men’s apparel and educational resources of inspiration). Yes, I tried to cover the gamut for survivors because as I had many lonely days recovering, that’s what I wanted, so I tried to make that happen for others today. It was a heady time with many things being thrown at me at once, but I always seem to be up for the challenge. A multi-tasking entrepreneur, inspired by seasons changing, knowing what other people desire.

I stay as organized as possible and multi-task in this fast-paced industry as a start-up entrepreneur, entering a new industry while I learn as much as possible each and every day. New suppliers, new trends, sourcing companies, customers, distribution channels, you name it — I am a sponge in the scheme of things. While I continue to grow and go global, I absorb as learn much as I can to apply new business practices as I expand my company. As a business woman, if you are close-minded, you won’t get anywhere in today’s social-economic workplace. We must network, share best practices, and make smart business decisions all the time. So I put on that seasoning every day and re-prioritize my daily schedule and agenda to make it happen!  It seems to work.  Add a little of this and that, just like a true fashionista, and I am light years ahead of others in this seasonal, changing heart of the fashion industry.

I’ve found that in fashion, of course, we must stay ahead of our competition and seasons ahead with trends, fabrics, sourcing trims, accessories, etc.  It takes a while to put them into PLAY. This industry does not move as fast as the digital marketplace where I came from.  Patience is key to success. While there has been a learning curve for me, the transition to this industry has been filled with fun and frolic.

I enjoy the seasonal changes.  I always have enjoyed introducing new ideas, blogging about it, and implementing my breast ideas for survivors and new customers.  If I sat on my laurels, well you know what I mean, things would be flat.  And in the world of breast cancer and pink bodacious ta-tas what survivors want most are soft and vibrant colors, seasonal changes with emerging trends, and advanced healing solutions and treatment processes to make them feel confident and look beautiful! That’s what I have focused on with my brand.

So, fashion forward with CRISSCROSS Intimates today! Tune in with us on kathy ireland® worldwide on WE tv and Bloomberg International (CNN) in your market before Black Friday to learn more about my story and fashion line.  In the meantime, as we enter October Breast Cancer Awareness Month I say Spring Forward and Fall Back with CRISSCROSS Intimates – your seasonal changing luxury intimate apparel brand that is here to be with you during your recovery, journey and after.

All the breast,


Don’t let cancer get the BREAST of you!


Images courtesy of Jean Criss


Image courtesy of Jean Criss