In life, there are many seasons.  And as we have learned these past few months, seasons of change can be powerful.  Seasons are gifts given as a time to reflect, experience deep conversation, explore hearts and broaden minds to change. Sometimes through that reflection, we can find new paths.


The past eight years of work with the Women Survivors Alliance has been one of inexplicable reward. Granted, it was sometimes met with what seemed to be emotionally-charged challenges, loss and heartbreak.  But, it was the celebration of life, friendships made, and lives we all have collectively cheered on with shared hugs and love that have been the monumental blessings we still to this day struggle to emotionally articulate.


That said, with each season there is change and in the next few months we will begin to officially close the doors of the Women Survivors Alliance.  It’s not been a decision made easy, but with the recent changes in life we are all experiencing, we realize it is now time.


The WSA was established to create educational opportunities for women with cancer.  We still believe in this mission with all our hearts and through our beautiful partners, we will fold our support for survivorship into other survivor support organizations and programs. And while the WSA SURVIVORville’s of the past will be no longer part of the future, our hearts still desire to create opportunities for women to gather through smaller, more intimate events. So, even with one door closing, we are creating opportunities to open two more.


Over the past couple of years, we have seen “My 2ndAct” become The UNTOLD Project as our storytelling stage broadened and expanded into the international community with the addition of our Canadian friend, Lorna Dancey.  When the time is right, stage shows will return, only this time under the name “UNTOLD” and with plans to inspire a more diverse audience with the power of the story. The same also goes for New Focus Daily.  Even with the closing of the WSA, we are still very committed to our long-time readership.  The magazine will continue with its women-focused content, but now New Focus Daily will be known as “Unconditionally Her” where we will once again expand our content and explore new territories such as supper clubs, charity support, entertaining podcasts and book clubs.


Because of our strong commitment to where it all began, survivorship will continue to be woven into the new fabric of these new ventures.   Together and with the addition to Lorna, we will be three blondes who are committed to taking these opportunities to a new level and we are very, very excited for this change and to share it all with you.


So, while this is a season of change, we can still be part of each other’s lives. And while we all take a breath to celebrate a reflection of life and a re-commitment to ourselves, the women who inspire and their stories, we are planning for July 1 as our reset for all as we invite you and welcome you to the new UNTOLD and Unconditionally Her communities.  We’re glad you have stayed with us.  For all those who have given of yourselves to the work of the WSA, we thank you for all your support over the years and welcome you to our new ventures.  It is our prayer you receive at least a small amount of the unconditional love you have given us over the years.


Here’s to being Unconditionally YOU and here’s to our next season.

Karen Shayne, Publisher
Cindy Chafin, Editor In Chief
Lorna Dancey, Managing Editor/Photojournalist