Welcome to Unconditionally Her!  You may notice our new look.  We hope you did!   In case you missed all the hoopla, we just celebrated our ten-year anniversary AND simultaneously launched a re-branding which I know you, dear readers, are going to love!

With it being back-to-school time and the end of summer nearing, many are ready for a fresh start. Change CAN be a beautiful thing! The timing is perfect for our new look and feel and I hope that you will agree!   Thanks to ALL who attended the recent 10-year celebration.   What a wonderful time to celebrate, reflect on the past, and share visions for the future.  Read more from last month’s editor’s letter about this time of food, fellowship, and celebration.

While there will be a new look, new columns, and features, and even some new faces-or perhaps new to you -some things are a constant. Food and travel are two of those!    This month we have plenty of sips and recipes coming your way just as we always do.   We’ll have a great review of a special destination as part of a girl’s trip for those who love travel and adventure, as well as several personal interest stories and special features.

What’s new?  Come check out our new featured columns such as Tastes of Tradition, Cooking with Grammy, and Small Town Charm.  These, in addition to Authentically Yours, Walk with Me? and From This to That to You, is worth a visit to see for oneself ALL that Unconditionally Her has to offer.

September also brings the announcement and launch of the new Unconditionally Her podcast entitled “Conversations”.  These podcasts will drop each week and were created as a safe and nurturing space for growth, healing, transformation, and sharing stories of courage and vulnerability.  These podcasts will be available on Apple, I-Heart Media or anywhere you get your podcast.

Come continue the celebration with us throughout September.  Enjoy all that the NEW Unconditionally You has to offer.   Enjoy the changes and may it inspire YOU to not be afraid of change if there are opportunities in life where a butterfly is just waiting to emerge.

Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!