I am a great advocate for senior women who always portray their authentic and amazing self.  I personally don’t believe in “a rule of thumb” when it comes to women’s clothing. What I do advocate is make sure your clothing makes you feel good. It is the perfect time for mature women to push the envelope as opposed to the prim and proper days. We can be free from corsets, painful shoes, and dull colors.

Our faces and bodies change over the decades however, we can be confident in changing our styles and outdated rules.  I don’t believe in “age appropriate” and you must like what you are wearing. In other words, wear anything you damn well want. There are no rules, you must be you. I happen to love boho-chic clothes and do not own a suit in my closet. But that is me. I want vibrant colors, any and all hem lengths, along with T-shirts and skirts, but I am a risk-taker and want to be my original self. If you, by nature, are more straight-laced, I say go for the suits and wear dark colors, don’t go against your nature. We are all different. Feel good about yourself – you count!

The best secret weapon is jewelry. You can dress in black all the time and just do extraordinary jewelry. Got out into the world and feel good about yourself. You don’t have to be a fashionista and wear all the right combinations and do matchy match. Women must find out their style and go for it! Don’t look at the 25 sweaters you own and just stare at them. If you want to wear browns and blacks, make that jewelry pop, and push the envelope in jewelry colors. You can do this with scarves as well and tone up your neutral wardrobe. Make the color cause your style.  Colors can do amazing things for you. Color makes your makeup look fabulous. You can also be the drama queen and mix hot lipstick red and black clothes. These colors make your eyes and face look wonderful. 

The scarves and jewelry can be inexpensive, and they make our skin tones brighten up. Most of us mature women do not have the perfect body. Something to think about that is super comfortable and can be worn anywhere with anything is a kimono. They come in short and long styles and be worn over jeans or dress pants. You don’t have to worry about colors that make you pop when you put yourself in a kimono. If people look at you when you walk in the door, success! Whether they like it or not, you gained attention and that is a good thing.

There are so many things a senior woman can do now during these times that are no longer risky. Take a short leathery jacket and put it over a flowery skirt or dress. This look is not too young, and you can wear it forever. It’s hip, chic and says you are a modern woman. No matter what size you are, step out the box and you can do it on a budget. I personally love thrift stores and vintage shops. A big, bulky men’s jacket over slim fitting pants are a “thing” now. I heard that many women now enjoy men’s jackets because they give you pockets, and you can push the collar up for a very trendy and chic look.

It’s been said that many women over 50 become invisible and I don’t buy that at all. That is one idea if you do not want any attention at all and attention makes you uncomfortable. I say put the brakes on and strut your stuff, unafraid and confident. Aging is hard enough but don’t allow yourself to be invisible.  So, it is time to become inappropriate and not take yourself so seriously. This is our 3rd chapter after all, do we just want to sink into that beige pantsuit? Or do we want to throw on a fabulous lipstick red and orange skirt with a leather jacket and walk into the world confidently?  By the way, it is the style now to wear comfortable shoes. Watch the millennial women, they put on their little black dresses with sneakers. Finally, our feet don’t have to hurt! So, don’t be fearful of being different, be your true self. After all, I did not dye parts of my hair purple for nothing. And compliments come to me no matter where I am. One woman said to me “my husband would kill me” when she looked at my hair. My answer was “maybe it’s time to throw him to the curb.”  Be authentic, my friends.