If you are planning for a family get-together at the holidays, you will want to certainly transform your dining table into a holiday masterpiece.  But, time and costs are always a factor.  Here at Unconditionally Her, we have a few solutions (thanks to our friends at Pinterest) to make your holiday table most festive while still having time to prepare that amazing meal and enjoying family and friends.

Our most favorite this year is the wooden box tablescape.  There seems to be a trend with these over the past year.  And why not?  A simple wooden box can transform any simple table with the items you place inside.  The wooden box serves as the centerpiece.  For this particular time of year, simple pumpkins (real or from your favorite local pottery shop or even Hobby Lobby) of all shapes and sizes delight the eyes with this multi-color options.  Colored leaves and candles make the perfect accent items.  Best of all, the wooden box can transform throughout the year with different holiday designs – from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day to even honoring your Veterans and hosting that perfect baby show, you can certainly bring each event to life with trendy items snuggled nicely in four simple pieces of nailed wood.

Another trend we found was going lighter on the actual table decorations while utilizing accent items to color up your dining room.  Candles are always a winner to any tablescape.  Add your favorite cut of fresh flowers and some colored, holiday napkins and presto, you have a beautiful table.  But a favorite trick to add more color to your room is a simple, basic throw over your dining room head table seat or maybe bringing in your favorite high-back chair with a holiday throw you can use before and after your special meal.  Just that little touch of color can transform any room into holiday happiness.

Traditional runners always have a place at the holiday table. Try choosing a multiple color runner and placing several small bouquets of fall colored flowers along the center with matching napkins.   Candy dishes filled with your favorite holiday candies, pumpkins or candles add to a visual delight for your guests.  Don’t fuss over the dishes!  Today, you have the option of beautiful plastic or paper dishes that you can pair with your tablescape add that perfect touch.

Have a favorite tablescape to share?  We would love to see your post!  Visit our Unconditionally Her Facebook page, like us and post your favorite holiday table setting.  Also, for more creative holiday tablescapes, visit Pinterest.  Happy creating!