To kick off our Sip of the Month Club,  we present you with an unusual and perfect cocktail for Halloween. Combining the flavors of blackberries and blueberries in a unique moonshine blend creates the perfect scary drink for this ghostly and ghastly season.  It’s a Happy Halloween and hauntingly delish sip from Unconditionally Her.  Enjoy!




1 C Blackberry Moonshine

1 C Prohibition Tea Moonshine
(You can substitute another blackberry moonshine if you can’t find the Sweet tea moonshine)

2 T Blueberry Vodka

2 T Grenadine

½ C Orange juice

1C Blackberry Sparking water

1/2C simple syrup (mic ½ c water with ¼ c sugar; heat and cool)

Lots of fresh blueberries


Combine all ingredients; mix and add fresh blueberries (they kinda look like eyeballs).