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Small Town Charm

By Karen Shayne & Denise Sissom

Ready for big adventures with a small-town flair?  Unconditionally Her is delighted to present a new quarterly travel column, Small Town Charm, featuring the unique travels of Karen Shayne and Denise Sissom.  These two-some travel companions will pack their suitcases and head out to explore the smaller and unseen destinations within America that you might not realize you need to have on your bucket list.

From historical homes and old, magnificent trees to the quaint downtowns we all know that small communities and small towns are the heart and soul of this country.   There’s something special about visiting a small town and seeing the local creators, artisans, and sometimes hidden gems that make every tiny town a treasure unique.

This featured column will provide something for every type of traveler and will be perfect for weekend trips and relaxing vacations.

So, get your own overnight bags ready and Join Karen and Denise as they venture their way to see what America has to offer.

Photo of Karen Shayne & Denise Sissom authors of new column "Small Town Charm"

Small Town Charm: Mackinac Island

Our inaugural Small Town Charm article is actually Small Island Charm.  We packed our bags to see the beauty of this most talked about island called Mackinac.  Our travels took us for a long weekend getaway in mid-July.  Other than a one morning storm, the weather was perfect, and the humidity was non-existent. Mackinac Island…

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